27 comments on “Purple Sensation

  1. YES! I can like and comment now. The problem, according to a delayed response from the WP Happiness Engineers, was the Chrome browser extensions. One of them, at any rate. Instead of trying to figure out which one, they suggested switching to Firefox. That works. Whew! I like this little flower. It reminds me of Pintas. I just snapped a Pinta blossom today. I don’t really like Pintas from a distance much, but Kelli and Romero plant them…so… Up close, the blossoms are pretty. This one is dramatic with nice bokeh. 🙂

    • Well, welcome back, Birthday Girl (birthdays last at least week where I come from)! Glad you like this little purple blossom—one can always find something interesting to capture at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

    • Thank you, Lisa—although most of the credit goes to last weekend’s picture-perfect weather and the wonderfully well-tended grounds at the BBG. And by the way, congrats to you on “This Child.” You should be very proud!

  2. Lucky Guy, you have a botanical gardens near you (I am guessing) I would love to have one close enough to go to. I guess if I did people would never see me again, I would always be there. LOL
    Beautiful colors and photograph Ken!

    • Thanks, Mitch. I was in New York for the weekend (I’m up there often), and when I’m there in springtime, I try to fit in an afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you’re ever near Brooklyn in the spring, treat yourself to a visit.

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