32 comments on “Fixated

  1. Such a beautiful portrait of this magnificent bird, Kenn.
    He is such a beautiful color, and he really does look like he’s paying very close attention to something.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. Kenn, OMG, wow! What a shot! The detail is amazing. What lens were you using, please? And how close were you? The colors are so amazingly intense!

    • Thank you, John! I was shooting from about 12 to 15 feet away, with a Canon EFS 55-250 lens (zoomed all the way to 250) on a Canon Rebel T3 body. I was using auto-focus in “Creative” mode, with the color setting at “Vivid.” When the scene is a colorful one with a lot of light, the “Vivid” mode really makes the colors pop. I then used Photoshop to accent the mid-ranges and the vibrance by a step or so.

  3. Great capture, Kenn! It looks like one of the night herons…they tend to fixate their attention…or maybe just fool us by staring into “nothing” 🙂 Wonderful.

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