26 comments on “Handstand

  1. You captured him perfectly, Kenn! I don’t believe I ever saw a dragonfly doing a handstand although I’ve seen hundreds of the critters in every other imaginable posture. This one is unique! And a lovely bokeh to boot! 🙂

  2. That’s an unexpected shot! Yesterday morning I happened across a praying mantis enjoy a breakfast of grasshopper. I think your bug picture is a happier shot! Mine will stay on the card, I think.

  3. Kenn, dang but I keep coming to your site and if there is a post I haven’t liked, I cannot find it! I love you work. You have to post more! 🙂

    • You are too kind, John—I assure you, if you looked through the trove of photos I’ve chosen not to post, you’d find plenty that would have you thinking, “Meh.” Still, thank you very much for the encouragement—I’ll be out shooting later in the week, and hope to have something post-worthy within the next few days.

    • Ha! That’s a laugh! Thank you, John, for the plaudits, but if you saw the couple-dozen truly lousy shots I took before this fortuitous snap, you’d realize what a rookie I am. Just got lucky, that’s all, but thank you for being so kind.

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