16 comments on “Blooming Anew

  1. Love the composition of this photo, Kenn, though to my eye it’s unique. And the depth of field is beautiful, especially where it’s dark just behind that beautiful bud! Wonderful photo!

    • Thank you, Mary—I got lucky on this one. Thank you, too, for your very kind (and very generous) reactions to my work in general. I’m both flattered and humbled.

  2. OH good grief, be still my heart. This flower has gone and stolen it, Ken. Wow. Magnificent color and shot!!! Now I have to go run after my heart to bring it back. (smile) Love, Amy

  3. Kenn, I have tried to “like” every post since the food wagon without success. I get a pop-up, “Automatic, Inc. [US]. What the heck? And, the email thing shows at the bottom of the comment space. ?? I like the Desert Rose! Nice framing!

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