27 comments on “Patience

    • I could disagree heartily with your assessment of perfection, dear George, but you are far more skilled than I, so I’ll offer instead a humble, heartfelt thank you. 🙂

  1. Dang, dude! Great shot! I just keep wondering, “Why does everyone else live in an interesting place and I don’t?!’

    • Thank you, John—as always, you are too kind. Funny, every time I travel outside my own region, I marvel at how photogenic “elsewhere” is compared to where I live. I think some of us shutterbugs have a weakness for change of scenery.

  2. Great capture! Who knew that species had so many colors in the wing feathers. They always just look either brown or black when I see them in the wild.

    • Thank you, Ken! They are all predominantly black, but the males have that greenish-bluish aspect which the right light can highlight—I got lucky with the light. Glad you like the shot.

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