11 comments on “By Any Other Name

  1. Kenn, dang! I have been to Central Park a dozen times and thought I had found every nook and cranny. And now something new?!? We are planning on a trip there after Thanksgiving and if the weather holds, I’ll try to get there…or just leave it to the spring. What a wonderful idea and a great capture!

    • No matter how much time I spend in Central Park, I’m always finding something that’s new to me—even if it’s not technically “new.” I first discovered this garden back in June of this year. Turns out, it’s been around since 1913, and was most recently restored back in 1987. Go figure! (Click here for more info.) Anyway, I should be back in the city the week of Thanksgiving, too—hoping to discover yet more.

      • My proudest achievement was finding the John Lennon tribute spot.. it only took me an hour in the area! 🙂

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