22 comments on “Deep Purple

  1. A beautiful portrait of the Martin! You captured the shadow of his bill and his pensive expression. A really fine shot! I had a purple martin house at the old house, but I never saw one up close. Wow. I really didn’t realize how unique the feather structure of the head is or how beautiful the colors. You don’t see it from a distance. This is really fine. And, it’s the first time I’ve been able to see the bird! Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you, George—I got very lucky with this one. I took probably a dozen snaps from about 15 feet away, and frankly a few of them were really pretty good, but as I crept closer and closer without this fellow fluttering off, the shot I ended up with (seen here) made all the others seem unremarkable in comparison. I’m glad you like it.

  2. Hi Kenn. Congratulations on the image. The bird’s color is unique and very exotic. I guess your hold your breath until you succeeded taking the picture.
    We have very few birds in Denmark with strong colors. The bullfinch and the kingfisher is probably the most significant. I have not been lucky enough to see the kingfisher yet. But one day it will show itself in a glimpse – or so I’m told 🙂

  3. Kenn, this is really stunning. When you get the sparkle in the eye you know you’ve hit the mark on clarity of focus. Was this a single image or did you combine it from multiple exposures?

    • Thanks so much, Tim. Not only was this a single image, but what you see has not been cropped. I got very lucky with this bird, but there’s something about the way the Green Cay Nature Center is laid out that really does result in a type of symbiosis between people and birds—the Center is a sprawling open-air wetlands with boardwalks, and the birds have become very comfortable letting us humans get up close and personal. I never fail to get some post-worthy images when I’m there, and this morning was no different. Perhaps I’ll post another one or two from this morning’s visit in the days to come. Again, thanks for your very kind comment.

      • I’ll look forward to seeing them.
        We’ll have to explore this Nature Center more. My wife Jane Ingram Allen has been doing environmental projects and residencies in nature centers and botanical parks around the world. janeingramallen.wordpress.com

        • Your wife’s work seems fascinating (I’m now following her blog). If you and she find yourselves down this way and decide to explore Green Cay, neither she nor you will be disappointed. Here’s a link to the Center’s website (Green Cay), but it doesn’t do justice to the place.

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